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  • Where do you deliver?
    In Romania: we ship to Bucharest, Slatina, Pitest, Cluj, Rm. Valcea, Sibiu & Alba Iulia. Abroad: we ship to Italy, Spain and United Kingdom (wholesale only)
  • Do you delivery everyday?
    We deliver 2 days per week. Our dispatch days are: Every Thursday to Bucharest, Slatina, Pitesti & Brasov Every Wednesday to Rm. Valcea, Sibiu, Alba Iulia & Cluj
  • Payment
    You can make the payment online as indicated on the Shop page or you can choose to pay on delivery.
  • How do you handle returns?
    Given the perishable nature of the product, we do not accept returns. If there is a problem with your order, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to make it right.
  • Can I find your products in a physical shop?
    No, you cannot find our products in a physical shop. All our deliveries come to you directly from our farm and can be ordered on our online shop.
  • How do I know that my meats will be fresh and arrive to my door cold?
    Once slaughtered, our premium beef is vacuum packed or blast frozen to ensure freshness. To ensure your meats are kept chilled on the road, they are delivered in a refrigerated truck. You must be at available to accept your order at the day of delivery, or your meat box will be left in a safe place as per your instructions.
  • What does fast frozen mean?
    Fast freezing is one of the most versatile methods of food preservation. Fast freezing maintains 100% taste, quality and presentation like no other method . Most of this is due to the speed at which the product is frozen. Fast freezing is also: safer: it minimises the bacteria grow in comparison to standard freezing or no freezing at all healthier: blast freezing prevents nutrient deterioration
  • What should I do with the meat after receiving it?
    Once you receive your meat, please transfer immediately to the freezer or fridge. Defrost it for 24 hours and open the vacuum seal pack 2 hours before cooking.
  • How long can meat last in the refrigerator?
    On average, you should consume your (vacuum sealed) product within 10 days of delivery. Alternative you can freeze the product and use it before the expiration date, indicated on the package.
  • Do you dry-age your beef?
    Yes. We dry age all of our steak for minimum of 15 days, so it has a chance to develop an extraordinary flavour and tenderness.
  • I am interested in selling your meat in my restaurant
    We would love to talk to you! Please contact us via our Contact Page, where we will give you all the information on how we work with restaurants.
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