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Our Story

Angus Farm is first company that implemented the 100% Grass-Fed raising system in Romania.


The Farmer

Stefan Barbulescu is a new generation  farmer, with a deep interest, knowledge and experience in organic and regenerative farming methods. 


When Stefan started farming, his goal was simple - to produce the healthiest and the tastiest meat available on the market, in a way his grandfather Joseph taught him. 


Stefan combines traditional methods of farming, learnt growing up, with more modern holistic grazing practises to enhance the soils and enrich the environment. 


Stefan´ s goal has always been to produce a meat of quality, which is 100% traceable and on complete transparency on the way they are being produced. His efforts have not only been appreciated by the international clients he is serving, but also by the local press and Television. 

Wild Romania

Romania is  one of the Europe’s last wild places, with the largest level of biodiversity, virgin forests, mountains and natural springs. A place, where ancient community is living in close harmony with nature, surrounded by  the Carpathian mountains. 


The Farm

We are a boutique - scale regenerative farm, nestled in a beautiful valley in the foothills of the Romanian Carpathian mountains. Located within a few hours drive from the capital Bucharest,  Valea Marea village translates as “The Big Valley” and it is not far from the little town owned by the Prince of Wales. 


Hundreds of years of small-scale, chemical -free  agriculture is entirely responsible for the high biodiversity  and wildlife in this area. 


Surrounded by ancient oak forest, the meadows and pastures are full of wild bees, butterflies, insects and healing herbs. Over 300 species and six natural water springs to be found in wild meads, where the cattle graze herbal- rich Carpathian meadows which later turns into one of a kind, “walnut -alike” tasting meat.


90% of the beef produced in the farm is being purchased by Michelin star restaurants abroad.


The breed:

  • Our land holds 300 pure breed & pedigree Black Aberdeen Angus cattle

  • We allow our cattle to grow slowly (at least 2 years) to produce rich flavour, quality beef

  • Our animals are 100% grass -fed and roam freely in a foothills of the Carpathian mountains all their lives


100% Natural Meet: 

  • The delicious grass - fed angus beef meet is renowned worldwide for  its taste and is favourite among elite chefs and sustainability - focused, chic restaurants worldwide

  • Due to its well known  health benefits,  grass-fed angus beef is very much appreciated by professional, high-performance sports people

  • Raised without antibiotics, hormones and grain, 100% grass-fed angus beef is considered to be the healthiest red meat available.


Interested in knowing more about about the process? Please go to our FAQs section. 

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