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Why Grass-Fed

Angus Farm is first company that implemented the 100% Grass-Fed raising system in Romania.

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Grass-Fed vs Grain-Fed

Grass - fed cattle are being grass-fed 100% for their lives, as they used to 100 of years ago. 


  • Anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats

  • 1 ingredient - pasture

  • Is ready to be slaughtered in 2.5 years

  • Filled with micro-nutrients 

  • 50% less calories than grain-fed 

  • Gluten-free, perfect for people following Keto & Paleo diets 

  • Made by mother nature

  • Exceptional taste, the meat is leaner with rich flavour 

  • Sustainable & planet friendly

Grain- fed cattle are raised commonly on grains, such as soy, maize or corn all the time, which is not a part of their natural life as it used to be historically. This causes a great increase in need for antibiotic treatments. Grains are much higher in fats that allow cows to grow even faster. 


  • Inflammatory omega -6 seed oils

  • 10+ ingredients 

  • Is ready to be slaughtered in 1.5 years 

  • Filled with soy and gluten 

  • Genetically engineered 

  • Less tasty than grass- fed 

  • Unhealthy due to high amount of fats 

  • Bad for the planet 

What Does This Mean For You?

It simply means, that you can eat meat without worrying about chemicals. Cattle raised without grain is absolutely gluten - free, therefore it can be enjoyed by people with celiac disease and those sensitive to gluten.

Compared to grain-fed beef, grass- fed angus beef has: 


  • 50% less calories than grain -fed beef 

  • 7 times higher in beta -carotine, which has cancer-fighting properties 

  • 5 times higher in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which can help lower glucose levels and prevent diabetes 

  • 2 times higher in vitamin E - great for your skin, cardiovascular health and fertility 

  • 5 times higher in Omega 3 fats. Great for lowering bad cholesterol levels, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory 

  • Contains 4 times more selenium - which is the most important micro -element for thyroid health and helps preventing autoimmune disease 

  • Grass - fed angus beef contains beta-alanine, an amino acid that helps body form carnosine.  Carnosine is increasing a performance during high intensity exercise 

  • Grass -fed angus beef has extremely high amounts of B12, Zinc and B6


What Does This Mean For The Animals?

Our cattle spend their lives roaming free in wild meads. On average, each animal enjoys over 2 hectares of land, which is equal to  4 football stadiums!  We rarely have a sick animal, which is very common in animals raised and kept in a feedlot environment.

What Does This Mean For The Planet?

When you are eating Grass- Fed meat, not only you are doing something good for yourself, but you are also contributing to a better, more sustainable planet. 


Scientists now agree, that  100% Grass - Fed beef farms actually benefit the environment, by increasing biodiversity of pasture ecosystems by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. 


It is good to be good. 

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